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You are at the Meka of 360 Virtual tours. Our company is trying to give you only the best quality possible, quality beyond expectations. You will be given interactive add-ons within the standard package as nowhere else!

We are proud to have the chance to produce affordable, 360 Virtual tours that makes *WOW* and will take you and your business to the next level. But how we do that? Our company - Allied Assets is registred in EU Tax heaven Bulgaria, having VAT Number BG200753943. In that case we could easyaly give you prices 30 or 40% lower that our competitors without any cut in the quality. Our invoices are equivalent to the invoices issued within countries such as Germany, France, Nederland, Austria, UK and the rest EU members.

What is 360 virtual tour all about

What is 360 virtual tour all about

A virtual tour is an opportunity to give the consumer the full experience of what he will get visiting your business. We offer an interactive media format that contains a full 360 degree view of any location in High Definition.

Let's face it. We all know that first impressions ARE everything. Make a difference to your clients.

Full interaction within the 360 virtual tours

You can zoom in, zoom out and make the tour 'full screen' using simple buttons on screen. You can make a chain of 360° Tours into one mega Tour. You get amazing multimedia interaction in the standart package.

You can also add extra information, like info points, floating images, inserting videos, speakers, and any kind of digital media with almost no limitations.

Full interaction within the 360 virtual tours

360 Virutal tourrs with HDR technology

360 Virutal tourrs with HDR technology

Unlike your eyes, a camera is not able to distinguish high light and dark. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a new productive way to deal with this issue. It requires taking multiple shots of a similar prospect, but with variable exposures.

The technique allows firstly allows you to choose from contrarily exposed pictures presented with a different degree of light: outside and inside. Secondly, it allows to merge all the shots into a single photo. The final result will reflect all the highlights of the premise.

Our tours are working on All platforms for mass dis - Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry OS

Our tours are working on the most popular platforms in the world - Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, and etc. We are trying to deliver cross devices experience as no one else.

We are having specific skins and system for control for every platform. In iPhone and iPad we are using the gyroscope, so you control the view with your movement, in other pads and touch devices we are using touch technology, on desktop and Mac we are using mouse control. Amazing user experience!

Our tours are working on All platforms - Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry OS

Some of our 360 virtual tours projects

  • Rook Bar&Dinner
  • Creating a HD 360 Virtual tour
  • Interior and Exterior tour
  • 10 panoramas
  • Rook Bar&Dinner is one of the most fanciest places in Istanbul. It is located in Taxim area, famous with its record number of bars per square meter in the world. Our client wanted to make people feel what is like to be there.

Hotel Gutshof Zillertal
  • Hotel Gutshof Zillertal
  • Creating a HD 360 Virtual tour
  • Exterior and Interiour tour
  • 59 panoramas combined into 3 connected tours
  • Gutshof Zillertal is lockated in the famous Zillertal Valley in Austria, near the always snowy gletscher Hintertux. Our main target was to show what would be the experience of beeing in the Alps during the summer. We had to show the magic of the nature, combined with the warmed and welcoming atmospere of the hotel.

  • Germani kindergarten
  • Creating a HD 360 Virtual tour
  • Interior and Exterior tour
  • 30 panoramas
  • Germani Kindergarten is the biggest and modern VIP deutch-speaking kindergarten in Eastern Europe. It has Capacity for VIP serving 200 children. It has been opened in the beggining of 2010 so it needed popularisation. Our client wanted to make people feel what is like to be there, whitout investing an hour drive to go there.

  • Spa Center - Figura Beauty
  • Creating a HD 360 Virtual tour
  • Interior tour
  • 15 panoramas
  • Spa Center - Figura Beauty is located in the Austrian Alps, in the Zillertal valley. It is near Hotel Gutshof Zillertal. It has almost all facilities that you would need to realax and make yourself younger. Our target was to show how glamourous this place is and how much do they pay attention to every detail.
  • Libra AG
  • Creating a HD 360 Virtual tour
  • Real Estate property tour
  • 79 panoramas
  • Libra AG is part of German pharmaceutical giant Phoenix Group. They are moving to brand new bigger head quarter and they want to sell their old building, but due to restriction of access no outside man can enter the building. So they wanted to show it to potential customers so we created a virtual tour replica of the whole building. You can walk around with us.

Europe Stores
  • Europe Stores
  • Creating a HD 360 Virtual tour
  • Interiour tour
  • 22 panoramas combined into one interactive tour
  • "Europe" is the eldest and one of the leading store chains in the country. Choosing the best Bulgarian producers and developing modern in-house diary, poultry factory and cannery, "Europe" gained great recognition and high level of loyalty among its customers.

  • Picasso Laser Studios
  • Creating a HD 360 Virtual tour
  • Interior tour
  • 5 panoramas
  • Picasso Laser Studios are the biggest chain for cosmetic laser treatments procedures in Bulgaria. It has studios in all big cities across the country.

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Combining top quality work with affordable price allowed us to become major tour producer. We have simple pricing policy, because we include most extras free of charge, so you multiply the number of panoramas. That is why we will get back to you within two hours for our price. It will be final, no matter how complicated your project is.

Our Virtual Tour projects includes:

* High Definition, full Screen Imaging of the tour, made out of dosen pictures, not one.
* Custom Design in with your branding.
* Look fully up, down & around, 360×180 degree viewing.
* Interactive Information Graphics & Hot-Links.
* Iphone version as an option, not obligation.

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